Giving Them

the retirement they Deserve

We strive to help the greater GOOD by supporting our nation’s hard-working and ever-sacrificing warrior dogs, and United States Veterans. 

About Us

Our Mission

The Good Boy Foundation is dedicated to helping both humans and animals in need both in local communities and across the nation. We partner with organizations we are fond of that align to our mission and vision of helping for the greater good.

The Good Boy Foundation was created in partnership with Good Boy Vodka. Good Boy Vodka’s slogan is, “Every Pour Helps a Pup” and gives a portion of its profits to charities that support animals, American Veterans, and Warrior dogs.

The Good Boy Foundation is a 100% non-profit / non-salary organization and was created in conjunction with Good Boy Vodka to provide direct support to its mission.

Our Partners

We're in good company

Our partners are how we make sure that every warrior dog and Veteran is supported in their well-deserved retirement.